Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Day 3 is here

As day three begins, different message boards, mailing lists, and private emails are buzzing with action. Personally I know I get excited every time I hear the "New Mail" bell go off on my computer.

Here are some of the updates to the rally for day three.
  • Bob Higdon had added another daily report to the IronButt site
  • There have been reports of riders spotted throughout the United States. Like this was any surprise to any of is. I especially like this report
    "8/23 @2145 @ turnpike and sr 80 west palm beach fla:
    bmw gs, white tank, ca plates, silver helmet, windshield, factory bags, black and blue panels riding suit, yellow hi-viz strip horz across back... driver nervous about red pick up following him."

Rider Tracking:

What's interesting to see with the rider tracking is the mileage traveled so far. Some riders are just over 1,000 at the time of this post while others are over 2,000 already.

  • Basic tracking of the riders with star-traxx can be done [ Here ]
  • Advanced tracking using the riders name can be done [ Here ] and selecting "Iron Butt Rally" from the drop down box.

Pictures Updates:

  • Norm Grills has posted two of his albums for our viewing pleaser. One of them is pre-rally and the other is the bikes at the start .
  • Ira has postes some from the start .
  • I had the pleasure of meeting "The other Critter" in Omaha. This guy is driving a Boss Hoss on the rally[ Pic ].. OUCH!! My pocketbook just shivers every time he gets gas :-)
  • Some last minute prep on Eddie James and Rebecca Vaughn's bikes.


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