Sunday, August 21, 2005

Only one day to go

Rebecca's update:

"After the Saturday excitement/stress about the fuel cell, I found that I had a turn signal bulb out (not on the lens I'd replaced). Then, after my odo check, I noticed some fluid on my right boot. I couldn't find any leaks though, and it didn't smell like oil. It bugged me all afternoon, and just before dinner I went out to the bike to check my oil, and sure enough - the level was low just a bit. So, I did what any smart 1100RS rider would do - I went right to Paul Glaves to run it by him. :) Paul was relaxing after working as a tech inspector all day and I told him that we could look at it in the morning, but he insisted on looking at it right away. The diagnosis: the head is leaking at the valve cover gasket. Or something like that. Regardless, Paul says that it will take him 5 minutes to fix Sunday morning. *whew*

So fortunately, all of the issues that I've had have been able to be resolved, but it has me rattled a bit that I have had to deal with so many things here in Denver. I really just wanted to get here and be done with the bike. I'm really grateful to Bill and Paul for their help. I'm also very grateful to Dale for the loan of the 910s."


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