Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Don Arthur Update

From the LDRider List:

"A police officer in Escondido, CA credits the Telelever with saving his
life when he broadsided a car and instead of ending up in the side of it as he felt he would have on his previous patrol bike, was thrown completely over the car.

Don has a separation fracture in his right shoulder, three separation fractures between ribs and sternum, and three cracks in his right pelvis. He said the pelvis is the most painful. He feels he will be in the Hospital for approx. 10 more days. He is in good spirits, but pretty exhausted. He is just very happy, as we all are for him, that all his injuries are "healable ones"."

Any accident and the associated injuries are terrible but knowing that Don's injuries are healable is really a relief to everyone involved in endurance riding.


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