Saturday, August 20, 2005

Don Arthur Update

Bean and I finally made it to St. Joseph, MO.

We got to Heartland Regional about 21:30 and there was a doctor waiting by the entrance to escort us straight in.

Don is doing very well considering what he has been through. He does not remember much. I think he was knocked out for quite awhile. He is amazed by all of your well wishes and said to say Hi to everyone.

His is in a lot of pain, and sleeps a lot, which is good. He is getting better and the doctors are happy with his progress.

Bean is a real trooper and as a nurse, she truly understands all aspects of what is going on. I'm very impressed with how well everyone is taking care of our buddy.

Don has nothing but good things to say about the hospital and it's staff. As you all know, that is very high praise.

Guys, Don had someone go to the bike and take off all of his important gear. Tomorrow I will ask him what he wants done with the bike. Don is going to be med evac'd back to Bethesda as soon as it is safe to move him. They do not yet have a date for that. I will keep you posted.

Coni Fitch


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