Friday, September 02, 2005


Holy bajesus, waiting to find out what happened is killing me. Unfortunately I'm heading out of town in a few hours so by the time I hear what the results are they will probably be old news..

In the mean time here are a few more pictures to kill time with.

The bikes are too clean in this one to be the finish of the big-ride .

This one has pictures from the finish in Denver .
  • Eddie has one heck of a grin on his face..
  • Brett looks like he needs a crackopractor to get some flexability back..
  • I'm wondering, what's the limit for a group on hitting deers? The MWC may have bagged it this year thanks to Marty.

Update on Rebecca and Pic's

Rebecca was in touch with her point man with an update on her status.

"Rebecca called to say she arrived in Denver at 3:30 this morning, and that her scoring (and riding effort, obviously) earned her a Silver ranking. The levels were Gold, Silver, and Bronze, so her score must've been in the middle or middle-upper third. I'm sure details will follow. Mike Kneebone (Iron Butt CEO) told her that she had an amazing third leg and did very well. She said his comments/praise was so uplifting that she felt ready to get on the bike and go again.

There were rumors of massages being offered at the hotel, so Rebecca was going to go searching for one, hoping to drain the rest of the tension from her body and then go get some sleep."

Duke got back a little before 3:00am safe and sound..

Still waiting to hear more about the MWC and some of the other riders we've been keeping tabs on..

Some pictures of the finish line were posted already and you can find them [ Here ]

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Say it aint so..

Well, Reports and rumors have been confirmed. Jim "Take the lead and don't look back" Owen has unfortunately fallen victim to the same bad luck so many other drivers have. His bike has broken down in Elko, NV which is a little over 750 miles from Denver. He's got until 10 am on Friday to make it to Denver and avoid disqualification so we'll see what happens.

That and other information can be found in the Day 11 report on the IBR website.

Rebecca was caught on film NOT smiling, well kinda..

Kerry Church and Sean Gallagher have both arrived at the finish before 9:00 PM local time. Photo's compliments of the 250 Ninja gang.

It's going to be rough sleeping tonight knowing people are going to start trickling in.

More tomorrow I'm sure..

Back Stage Passes

Bob, a friend I met through Team Strange sent me his brush with the IronButt groupie life.

"by hook or crook I was able to find out the Sioux Falls location, and Saddled up the Ol' Mule to ride on down there.

I found Steve Stellar and Sludge this morning, he was well rested and in good spirit, scoot is working well, and looks like he will finish with alotted points needed.

Teresa and I also greeted several other riders, I will try with the names:Joe Manderville, had an incident with his bike at a lighthouse in Maine, but doing well today,looking forward to the ride in to Denver.
  • Bill Thweat, also had an incident with a concrete lane divider, spent some time at a hospital in Wisconsin, he was n good spirits, and walking way better than he has a right to, his bike had some serious concrete rash on the left side.
  • Vicky Johnson took her sleep bonus in Sioux Falls, seemed ready to ride it on home to Denver. No adventures that she let us in on.
  • Kendall Anderson, who is riding the Butt, is also on vacation, he has been visiting relatives and old friends, while rally riding, now that is a cool customer. No incidents, actually visited Yellowstone park as part of his ride......well ya only get one vacation, might as well enjoy it!
  • Toby Stevens, just plain enjoying his ride, looking forward to Denver!
  • Rick Sauter from Canada, riding his Suz DL 1000, just enjoying a dry,calm ride,sure enjoyed the scenery in S FallsI think that was all the riders I saw.

It was very cool to meet the riders, awesome event.


Thanks for the update Bob..

Rider Update

At this stage in the game I'm going to assume that no news is good news when it comes to the riders and their progress.

It's getting down to the wire and while some may be scrambling to grab that last bonus location

  • Rebecca is on her way to Denver. She's got enough points to be considered a finisher so she's heading to the final checkpoint to dry out.
  • Duke is also on his way back to Denver after enjoying a down home meal at McDonalds with some relatives.
Way to go gang, the end is near..

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