Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Are Lisa and Mike working with Mother Nature?

Say it ain't so.. It looks like this morning a new Tropical storm, Katrina, surprised everyone and appeared in the Bahamas and is heading towards the Florida Coast.

AP: A 200-mile stretch of Florida's east coast from the Seven Mile Bridge in the Keys north to Vero Beach was under a tropical storm watch, meaning tropical storm conditions were likely within 36 hours.

Tropical Storm Katrina formed Wednesday morning in the Bahamas and moved toward Florida, threatening to hit the state with winds of 70 to 75 mph and heavy rain when it makes landfall Thursday.

The storm is expected to slowly cross the state and could cause flooding as it dumps a foot of rain or more in spots before heading into the Gulf of Mexico.

To quote the King Arthur and the Knights from Monty Pythons Holy Grail " Run Away! Run Away! "

After thinking about it, Hurricanes DO relate to the whole water theme that this years IronButt is rumored to be following so it's possible this is all part of the rally masters grand plan...


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