Friday, September 02, 2005

Update on Rebecca and Pic's

Rebecca was in touch with her point man with an update on her status.

"Rebecca called to say she arrived in Denver at 3:30 this morning, and that her scoring (and riding effort, obviously) earned her a Silver ranking. The levels were Gold, Silver, and Bronze, so her score must've been in the middle or middle-upper third. I'm sure details will follow. Mike Kneebone (Iron Butt CEO) told her that she had an amazing third leg and did very well. She said his comments/praise was so uplifting that she felt ready to get on the bike and go again.

There were rumors of massages being offered at the hotel, so Rebecca was going to go searching for one, hoping to drain the rest of the tension from her body and then go get some sleep."

Duke got back a little before 3:00am safe and sound..

Still waiting to hear more about the MWC and some of the other riders we've been keeping tabs on..

Some pictures of the finish line were posted already and you can find them [ Here ]

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