Wednesday, August 31, 2005

More Bad Luck

Well gang Brett Donahue, the last Harley Davidson left in the rally had another run in with bad luck. We already know that a cager tried to take him out before the Maine checkpoint.

Now, the bottom end of his sporty decided to try and take him out of the rally by puking on him.

Two blows like this might dampen the spirits of a normal rider but Brett, part of the MWC, isn't going to let it keep him down.

He's now headed to Cape Disappointment and then back to Denver on a rented Ultra.

That's two strikes so far Brett, lets go for the home run now..

Bob has posted the day 10 report .

We're getting close now.. This is where, as spectators, we move to the edge of our seats waiting, and waiting, and waiting...


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