Thursday, September 01, 2005

Say it aint so..

Well, Reports and rumors have been confirmed. Jim "Take the lead and don't look back" Owen has unfortunately fallen victim to the same bad luck so many other drivers have. His bike has broken down in Elko, NV which is a little over 750 miles from Denver. He's got until 10 am on Friday to make it to Denver and avoid disqualification so we'll see what happens.

That and other information can be found in the Day 11 report on the IBR website.

Rebecca was caught on film NOT smiling, well kinda..

Kerry Church and Sean Gallagher have both arrived at the finish before 9:00 PM local time. Photo's compliments of the 250 Ninja gang.

It's going to be rough sleeping tonight knowing people are going to start trickling in.

More tomorrow I'm sure..


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