Sunday, August 28, 2005

Farewell and Flashbacks

Farewell: Today Mike Sentry has decided, for safety sake, to end his 2005 IronButt ride. Below is the notice that was posted on LDR. He had already had the wheel welded but was having problems with wobbles.

"Mike Senty, riding a 1981 Goldwing with EML sidecar and a cracked rear wheel has decided to head for home. Thanks to everyone for your suggestions for a new rear wheel.

He decided to be safe and call it a day. He made a monster ride from Denver to Key West to Denver and on to St. Louis, all with a cracked rear rim! That's riding in the true IronButt spirit.
Good Job, Mike!"

Flashbacks: The gang over at the ADV riders has posted an interesting series of photos taken at the start of the original IronButt event .

How about in the 2007 IBR there be a class for any of these guys that want to come back and try it again?


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