Wednesday, August 31, 2005


By Friday the riders and their bikes have to be back in Denver for the finish of this years rally.

It seems that it's been quiet on the newsfront for everyone as Bob Higdon compares the coordinators to mushrooms in his latest update.

Rider Paul Allison is trying to get his BMW repaired thanks to a clutch that didn't want to finish the rally. He's currently in Cabano, QC which is just north of Madawaska, ME. Today he's looking to get the bike towed to Quebec but that may not leave him enough time to get back to Denver. Let the coordinators know if you can do anything to help.

Duke and the 250 ninja are forging ahead despite a, likely, broken rib which resulted from a parking lot wrestlting match with his bike.

The sport-touring group has published some pic's from the main checkpoint for our viewing pleasure here .

More as it comes in..


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