Sunday, August 28, 2005

Rally Mode

I realized last night that, although I'm not riding in the rally, my mind seems to have nothing but this years rally, motorcycles, and riders on it.

I watched a movie this weekend titled "The Ring 2" which is of course a sequel to "The Ring". I won't go into details but at one point some scenes took place at a lighthouse. Immediately my mind began to wander. Wondering if it was a bonus location, picturing Rebecca, Tom, and Rosie running back and forth as the tide rose to try and get the bonus points. Good thing there were no shark, right RV ;-) ..

Then, last night going to meet some friends from Montana for dinner I had to turn and check every motorcycle I saw for fuel cells or any hint that the driver may be on the IBR. I'm about 40 minutes from Madison WI and according to some of the Star-Traxx tracking some of the riders were headed this way. As of now, one bike still seems to be sitting in Madison, hopefully just taking a rest bonus.

According to Bob's report of day 6 Eddie James is in some serious pain. It makes you wonder if riding the GS would have been a better mount considering the injuries he sustained in the last IBR. If one thing is for sure about the selection, Eddie will give 200% to make it work. While we are on the subject of Eddie, does anyone know who's driving the GS in this picture? It looks alot like Eddies but he's driving is K1100RS.

Tom and Rosie Checked in from the road on the way to Maine and pleased with their effort so far.

Duke Dunsford has paired up with Brian Boberick since they are riding the same route to Maine.
This leg seems to be just a slab-blast out to the checkpoint with few options for bonus points. The basic route is about 2075 miles and 32 hrs according to Mapquest. According my my math they have 62 hours to get there so any bonus point would probably have to be close to the route.

Of course, being directionally challenged I could be completely wrong. We'll know more by 11am on Monday.


At 7:26 PM, Blogger Geek said...

It is Eddie's bike - another photo showed a dash shot and a note on it said "Don't wreck eddie's bike!" - lol Not sure who's riding it though - perhaps one of the Team Strange crew know...

At 7:41 PM, Blogger IronButt 2005 said...

I had posted the pic on the team strange site shortly after here and someone got back to me with
"Eddie loaned it to a rider that had stopped to help him after his deer strike in 2003, it seems this rider totalled his FJR shortly before the IBR, and had become rideless (new word?).

Earl says Eddie can't sit that long on the GS and from this last Higdon post the RS isn't that much better. Sounds like "True Grit", and stubborness .

I talked to Brett saturday @ 5pm or so, they were closing in on the last bonus stop of the day( 7-8 hours away) and would probably claim the rest bonus there. Travelling up the eastern seaboard doesn't look like that much fun to me, spend the better part of two days riding in congested cities, as my wife would say "Ick" .

One big happy family if ya ask me..

At 11:25 AM, Blogger mike snodgrass said...

Jack Savage is riding Eddie's GS. The story about Jack Helping Eddie after the 03 IB crash, and Jack "wrecking" his FJR are true. Eddie related the story to me just before the start. I ask him who he sold the GS to. He explained that it was on loan.


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