Friday, August 26, 2005

Random sightings

As the drivers begin to converge on Denver more reports of sightings are coming in.

Vicki Johnston:
Kerry Willey's son spotted Vicki Johnston in Chicago and the brief meeting went something like this:
Just got a call from my son, who was driving down Michigan Ave., Chicago.
He sees a 'loaded bike' near Water Tower Place, he backs his car up & asks "Are you an Iron Butter?" She responds, "What, do I have it written on my forehead?".

She told him this is her 2nd visit to Chicago since leaving Denver, plus
been to No. Carolina & Key West.

It looks like Bob was right when he said we should keep an eye on her.

Rob Nye:
Dave and Tina posted yesterday that Rob had been to their house in CA and, having failed to read the warning signs, they fed and watered him so he's ready to go. Today the temps are up over 105 as he heads back to Denver.


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