Thursday, August 25, 2005

News from the road

Today I got some email from Tom and Rosie Sperry's son Jason giving the thumbs up for their ride so far. I guess Tom and Rosie are riding two up on a BMW GS and still moving right along. They say it takes one heck of a driver to do this rally but can you imaging being a passenger on a motorcycle for this amount of time? Thankyouverymuch but not this guy.....

Jason let me know that "they have done some incredible rides, and done them all 2 up. They were the first to do the B-2-B-2-B Insanity (Mex-Can-Mex). They've also done the HyderSeek the last 2 years, 100cc, 50cc, etc..." Not bad for catching the motorcycle endurance riding itch after they turned 50. I think I met them at the BMW national this year going off the description of their bike.

They had left Astoria Oregon on Tue and were in Coronado this morning making their way back to Denver for the checkpoint no doubt. Go-Team-Go!!

You can see a picture of this increadable couple at the start [ Here ]

  • Bob Higdon has added yet another blow by blow commentary of today's events to the IBA daily reports.
  • It appears Rebecca had lost a key but knowing her she had one, or three, spares ready to take it's place. I just wonder if she really lost it or if the key had enough already and ran away :-)
  • Bill Crittenden's and his Boss Hoss were sighted at a lighthouse in southwest Oregon...
  • The Minnesota wrecking crew is chewing up the asphalt and each other from what it sounds like. If Tim is having problems with his fuel consumption, I'm guessing the smiley face on his tank will have another bullet hole in it after he finishes the rally.
For now, we wait and see what tomorrow brings..


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