Friday, August 26, 2005

Leg 1 final day

At this point everyone being tracked appears to be heading back towards the treasure chest in Denver. Why they picked a treasure chest I have no clue. I would have thought that some images of medieval torture devices like whipping posts, gallows, stretching ladder or knee screws would be more appropriate for the punishment handed out at the checkpoints.

The IBR folks have posted the dizzying bonus listings for let one in .doc format or you can find a converted .pdf version [ Here ] . In my relatively short list of endurance events, sprints compared to this marathon, I've seen some interesting bonus lists but this is amazing. Personally, I would probably need a full day just to sort through it but that's what seperates the Alpha riders from the rest of the pack.

Don Arthur Update: Don has taken the time to compose a letter to the Long Distance motorcycle community about the accident he and his BMW LT suffered. One thing should stand out to the readers of his letter PROTECTIVE GEAR! Just last week I was skimming through some forums and saw the acronym ATGATT and had no clue what it meant even though I've been riding since I was knee high to a grasshoppa. Don's situation is just another example how how true this is. Heal quickly Don..


At 3:44 PM, Blogger Pat said...

ATGATT = "All The Gear, All The Time".

Dunno where it originated, but I first saw it on

Thanks for keeping this blog so nicely updated!

- Pat, R1150GS Adv, Duc 900SL


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