Saturday, August 27, 2005

Motorcycle Mania heads East

With leg one behind them most riders pressed on last night or in the weeee hours of this morning. Unfortunately, Bill Crittenden on the Boss Hoss would not be one of them. Unfortunately he overslept to a point where there was no possible way he could make it back to Denver. If the Screaming Meanie wasn't on Bill's list of must haves, it may be now. I was really looking forward to what, in my memory of the iron butt would have been the first Boss Hoss to finish.

The IBA has posted the Day 5 report along with the first legs Rider Scorecards for our viewing pleasure.

The MN Wrecking crew is moving right along with one if it's founding fathers, Eddie James, running all the way up in 4th position. Mark Kiecker is followed closely by Jim Winterer on his Suzuki DL650, a far cry from his Yamaha SR500.

Hey Jason, do you see who else is in the top 10? That's right Tom and Rosie Sperry, riding two up, are in 6th place on their BMW 1150GS.

This next leg will be interesting. It's quite obvious that organizers have obtained some antimatter from some unknown source, combined it with the phrase made famous by journalist Horace Greeley "Go West, Young Man", and come up with bonus locations that are causing the motorcycles to Go East.

Personally, I'm excited to see them swarm to the East in masses. This means there is a possibility there may be some bonus points in my area and I may actually have my house used as a resting/refueling station. Time to turn the volume up on the phone..

Ted Timmons has posted some interesting statistics of the first leg. He's compiled a list of rider efficiency and a number of different statistics compairng the bikes. BMW has the greatest number entered with Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Harley, Kawasaki, Boss Hoss, Triumph, and Vespa following in that order.

More to come I'm sure..


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